Board Of Directors

The dedicated individuals who serve as our Board of Directors and as Volunteers are an important part of Dort Federal’s success.

Board Members are democratically elected by the membership. Together with our Volunteers, they provide the support and guidance that allow us to offer competitive, innovative services and products. Thanks to their commitment and foresight, Dort Federal has been one of the most respected financial institutions in the area since 1951.

Dort Federal Credit Union Board of Directors:

Douglas Kidd

Chairman of the Board

Harry Awdish

Harry Awdish

First Vice Chair

Bruce Allan

Second Vice Chair

Dana Stoddard


Wayne Natzke


Beverly Kittle


Diane Piercy


Supervisory Committee:

  • Diane Piercy
  • Jeff Sells
  • Jen LaDuc

Nominating Committee:

  • Bruce Allan
  • Beverly Kittle
  • Jeff Sells

Community Involvement Committee:

  • Beverly Kittle
  • Bruce Allen
  • Wayne Natzke
  • Dana Stoddard
  • Jeff Sells