In establishing the following fees, your Board of Directors uses the following criteria:

  1. Ability of the Member to avoid fees by using alternate services
  2. The basic cost to credit union operations
  3. Charges assessed at similar institutions
  4. Justification of ordinary member use vs. extraordinary use

Checking Account Fees
Account Reconciliation $20.00/hour
Check Printing Prices Vary
(Contact us to see how you may qualify for FREE or discounted check printing.)
Undeliverable Address $5.00
(Check orders returned to the Credit Union by post office)
Monthly Fee No Charge
Non Sufficient Funds $25.00
Check Copy $3.00
Overdraft Transfer $2.00
Per Check Fee No Charge
Returned Item $20.00
Stop Payment Order $20.00
(Check, Money Order, ACH, etc.)
Temporary Checks (four) $2.00
Overdraft Privilege $25.00
 (check, debit card or ACH paid)
Fees Applicable to All Accounts
Account Closing $5.00
(If closed within 90 days of opening)
Check Processing $3.00
(Waived for members who are under 23 years of age or over 55, member has 3 or more products or services, or has an account or loan with a cumulative balance of $250 or more.)
Member Number Change $5.00 per account
(Per account up to maximum of $25.00)
Account Research $10.00/hour
ACH/Electronic Withdrawal Non-Sufficient Funds $25.00
Certified Check $3.00
Escheats Processing Fee $50.00
Garnishment, Levy, Court Order Processing Fee $45.00
Income Withholding Orders per Week (Friend of the Court) 10% of amount withheld
IRA Set-Up No Charge
IRA Maintenance/Closing No Charge
Land Contract Collection $20.00/month
Account Maintenance No Charge
Statement Copy $3.00
1-Month Account History Print Out $1.00
Bank Wire Transfer $12.00 to $30.00
International Wire Fee $40.00
Manual Transfer (Not using Audio Teller) $1.00
Cross-Member Telephone Transfer (Not using Audio Teller) $2.00
Dort by Phone Audio Teller No Charge
(Balance inquiries, transaction history, transfers, and payments)
Other Fees
Cashier's Check under $500 $1.50
Money Order $1.50
External Funds Transfer Into Dort Federal No Charge
External Funds Transfer from Dort to another source $2.00
Inactive Membership $5.00/quarter
(Charged to accounts with cumulative balances below $250, with no activity within last year. Waived for minors and members taking advantage of certain services.)
Safe Deposit Box Rentals  
(per year, due March 15th)  
Travelers Cheques $1.50/$100.00
(Free to members on direct deposit)
Gift Cheques $2.50 each
Dort Online™ Banking No Charge
eStatements No Charge
Bill Payer No Charge
Coin Counting (self coin counter) 2%
Postpone-A-Payment Promo/Skip-A-Pay $20.00
Real Estate Escrow Waiver $100.00
Visa Platinum Credit Card
Annual Fee No Charge
Rush Card No Charge
(Will be charged overnight delivery)
Sales Draft Copy $5.00
Dort One Debit Card NSF $25.00
Overlimit Fee No Charge
Late Payment
(Payments more than 15 days late)
up to $25.00
Dort One Debit Card Transaction Fee
(Unlimited Usage)
No Charge
Cash Advance Fee No Charge
Transfer Balance Fee No Charge
VISA Gift Cards $5.00 in office/$5.95 online
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee up to 1%
Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)
Proprietary ATM Surcharge No Charge
Withdrawal from Pledged Shares $8.00
Deposits, Transfers No Charge
Excessive ATM Withdrawals and/or Balance Inquiries (exceeding 8 in a calendar month) $.75 each
Up to Eight Withdrawals/Balance Inquiries (per month) No Charge
Overdraft Fee $25.00
Visa Debit Cards
Visa Debit Card NSF $25.00
Visa Debit Card Transaction Fee No Charge
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee up to 1%
Tips on Avoiding Fees
Use our NO COST Dort Online Banking and audio response system, Dort by Phone, services to avoid certain fees, such as manual transfers. This convenient service allows you to obtain account information by telephone nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it’s simple to use. Call any office for further details.

Save time and money - have your monthly loan payments automatically transferred from your Dort Federal account.