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Convenience counts when you need cash.

Access your money whenever you need it with a "24 Seven" ATM Card from Dort Federal, usable without surcharges at nationwide ATM locations with NYCE, Co-Op, or Cirrus network logos.

Your Dort One Debit Card or Visa Platinum Card can also be used at home or abroad - anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.

Find ATMs across Michigan and the USA ( Tip: 7-Eleven is a good place to find an ATM that won't charge you a fee.)

Fees that apply to ATM usage

ATM Safety Tips brought to you by NYCE

Automated teller machines (ATMs) are a convenient and easy way to get cash. Each time you use an ATM, keep the following safety tips in mind and remember to always make it safe!

Common Sense Is A Great Defense
Common sense is your best guide when using ATMs. Trust your instincts and use ATMs only where you feel safe and comfortable.

Lights, Camera, Cash!
If you need to visit an ATM after dark, bring a friend whenever possible and always choose ATMs that are well in well-lit locations. For added security, use ATM locations where the activity is recorded by a surveillance camera. In most cases, clearly visible signs indicate when a camera is in use.

Don't Flash Your Cash
Have your ATM card ready before going to an ATM to avoid exposing your wallet or purse. Fill out your deposit slip and place your cash or checks in a sealed deposit envelope before arriving at an ATM location. After a withdrawal, be sure to put your money, receipt, card and wallet away before leaving the ATM.

Guard Your Card and Your PIN
Your ATM card cannot be used without your personal identification number (PIN), so keep your number secret. Memorize your PIN and never write it on your card or leave it in your wallet. When you use an ATM, stand between the machine and the person behind you so no one can see you enter your PIN. If you suspect someone is looking over your shoulder, cancel the transaction and leave immediately. If your ATM card is lost or stolen or if any suspicious or unauthorized ATM transactions appear on your account statement, notify your financial institution as soon as possible.

Be Safe In Every Place
Whether you use an ATM in an enclosed vestibule, on the street or at a drive-up window, always be aware of your surroundings. When you are in a vestibule, close the entry door completely upon entering and exiting, and do not offer entry to strangers. At the drive-up, keep your engine running, lock all your doors and open only the driver's window. If you are walking to an ATM, stay alert and do not linger at the machine.

If you are concerned about your safety at a particular ATM, notify the financial institution that owns the machine, or the manager of the retail location where the ATM is deployed. There may be steps the institution can take to make the site more secure.

If you have questions concerning any of the following, be sure to contact your financial institution immediately:

  • An automated teller machine inadvertently retained your ATM card during a transaction.
  • You need to change your personal identification number (PIN) for your ATM/debit card.
  • You have forgotten your PIN.
  • Your ATM/debit card is lost or stolen.
  • Although you believe your account has sufficient funds, a transaction is denied.
  • You wonder about a fee you were charged for a transaction.