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Phishing Links
By Craig Kocur

Over the last few days Dort Federal and some other local banks/credit unions have been hit by a phishing scam. The phishing came in the form of calls to members that said their debit card was blocked and, to unblock, enter their debit card number and other information.

How can you tell the difference between a legitimate call or email from your financial institution and a fake one? The biggest tip off that a call or email is phishing is if the message is asking you to confirm your account or credit card information. We know your account and credit card information. We don't need to ask you for that. We may ask you for that information when you've called us with a question, but that is only to help confirm your identity and protect your account. We will not, out of the blue, contact you and ask you for your credit card information.

For more phishing information check out these links:


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Square One Debt Consolidation Loan
By Craig Kocur

Do you have a bunch of loans spread out all of the over the place? Do the rates on those loans go from bad to worse? Dort's Square One Debt Consolidation Loan may be the perfect way organize those loans and to save some money. Click here for more information or here to apply now.


Some Advantages of Debt Consolidation

Should I Consolidate My Debts? Calculator


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Visa Checkout
By Craig Kocur


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Purchase Rewards
By Craig Kocur

Online coupons that work with your Dort One Debit Card

The best coupons are the ones that you don't need to carry with you. With our Purchase Rewards program you can sign up for rewards in Dort Online Banking and just use your Dort One Card at the store or online to get your reward. No tiny slips of paper to carry around or lose.

You do need to think about these rewards a little bit in that there are time limits and restrictions on the individual rewards. Just be sure to read the offer when you accept it so you don't miss something. A lot of the rewards have to be completed online following a link in the reward so you'll also need to pay attention to that.

Give Purchase Rewards a try. We think you'll like it.


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Green Friday is the New Black Friday
By Craig Kocur

Club 93.7 and Dort Federal Credit Union are 


  • Stop in to any local Dort Federal Credit Union and grab a limited edition Dort Federal Green Friday t-shirt or hat while supplies last.
  • Show us your Dort Federal Green Friday t-shirt or hat when you are shopping on Thanksgiving Night/Black Friday. We'll be driving around looking for you at all of the Black Friday hot spots. 
  • If we see you wearing your Dort Federal Green Friday t-shirt or hat, you could receive a Dort Federal Visa gift card.


* Limited quantities of shirts, hats, and gift cards available.


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Login to Dort Online Banking from any page on our site
By Craig Kocur

This morning we added the ability to login to Dort Online Banking from any page on our site. How does this help you? It saves you a step when you are on our site and want to login to Online Banking. You no longer have to click on a link to go to the login page and enter your username and password there.

It's a small thing, but sometimes the small things can make a big difference.

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Dort Online Banking Downtime Emails
By Craig Kocur

Sometimes Dort Online Banking and Mobile Banking are unavailable. You don't like it. We don't like it. It does happen, though. Sometimes it's for maintenance. Sometimes it's because our online banking provider is having a problem. Sometimes it's because of a local power outage. Whatever the reason, it's annoying and it's more annoying if you don't know why it's happening or if you don't know when it might be back up. We can't always control it but we'd like to be able to give our members more information when it happens and, when we can, give our members a couple days of advance notice when we know it's going to happen. We floated the idea in a recent blog post about using the service Yo to provide some of this communication. Apparently, Yo is too new to really reach enough members, so we've decided to try old, reliable email. If you subscribe below, we'll send you an email whenever we know of upcoming downtime or, when we're hit with the unexpected, we'll send you status updates.

Dort Online Banking Downtime Notification

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Shellshock Bash Bug
By Craig Kocur

You may be hearing about the Shellshock vulnerability in the news. As with any security issue, your security is our top priority. We are working with our online banking provider to understand scope and impact of this new threat and take appropriate actions to mitigate the vulnerability as necessary.

The first update we have from our provider says they have no Bash interfaces exposed externally to the Internet and potential attackers.

If you have a Mac or a Linux PC, here's a good resource to see if you are vulnerable: How To Check If Your Mac or Linux Machine Is Vulnerable to Shellshock.

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Yo, Dort Federal
By Craig Kocur

Yo is a new service/app that we think has potential. Yo is a super simple communication tool that lets you say "Yo" to other Yo users and they can "Yo" you back. Really, that's it. Just Yos going back and forth.

Our idea for how to use Yo? If you are Yo user and you want to be notified when Dort Online Banking goes down for maintenance or because of a problem, simply send a Yo to DORTDOWN. If you also want to be notified when Dort Online Banking comes back up, send a Yo to DORTUP. Then when either of those things happens, you'll get a Yo from us and you'll be able to tell what's happening based on who you received the Yo from.

That's just our original idea. If you have any others, please don't hesitate to send them along to

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