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You Can Now Add Payees in Bill Pay Using Mobile App
By Raven Routly

Using Bill Pay in your mobile app just got a little easier and more convenient. You are now able to set up a payee in Bill Pay while using your mobile app instead of having to log into your online banking account on a desktop computer. The new feature on the Dort Federal Credit Union app cuts out the hassle of having to use a desktop computer and is valuable to those who are always on-the-go.

You need only to log into your mobile app, select "Bill Pay,"  then click on "make a new payment" and  you will then be able to choose to add a new payee. Payees that are most common will be selectable in a list when you start typing in a payee name. If the payee name is not selectable in  a list you can still finish typing in the name and  finish the process by filling out the corresponding payee information. The new payee information will then be saved for future reference and you will be able to pay your bills in the future using the mobile app and online banking.

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Scam Alert: NCUA warns of texting scam
By Raven Routly

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) recently released an alert about scamming for consumers. The NCUA has become aware that consumers have been receiving suspicious text messages claiming to be from the NCUA. The texts inform consumers to call a phone number to solve the problem.

The NCUA has warned consumers about these scams and wants to inform consumers that it does not seek out personal information over the internet or by phone.

If you receive one of these text messages claiming to be from the NCUA you can call 1-800-755-1030 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., the NCUA also recommends that you contact Dort Federal Credit Union as well.

For more information about fraud prevention you can visit 

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EMV Chip Cards Coming Soon to Branches
By Raven Routly

Within the upcoming months Dort Federal Credit Union expects to roll out EMV chip cards for our members. EMV (named after the companies who set the standard: Europay, MasterCard®, and Visa®) chip cards are more secure than magnetic strip cards, and are embedded with a microchip that stores and protects data.

EMV chip cards are more secure than magnetic strip cards because they have a square metallic chip embedded in them which, when inserted, sends a unique set of numbers to your financial institution that verifies your account. Whereas, a magnetic slide strip sends the same exact data to your financial institution each time you use it. The majority of fraud from magnetic strip cards comes from thieves scanning the cards and creating copies of the card, since the data on the card is easily accessible when hacked. The magnetic strip card is more susceptible to credit card fraud since it can simply be swiped by a magnetic reader, while the EMV chip card is more secure since the consumer has to insert it into a card reader. While EMV chip cards are more secure, they only have increased security when it comes to face-to-face transactions (point of sale purchases), not online transactions, so we still encourage our members to be cautious of online purchases.

Those with magnetic strip cards will still be able to use their cards since many retailers have kiosks with both a magnetic strip and an EMV chip reader. According to current surveys less than a third of all U.S. merchants have the technology in place to accept EMV chip cards for payment.

By the end of 2016 we expect to be able to create EMV chip credit cards at all Dort Federal Credit Union locations. For those that are planning on traveling out of the country soon, we will be able to exchange your magnetic strip card for an EMV chip card. Members who wish to do this can contact us and we will send a card your way. Dort Federal Visa Platinum cardholders will receive further information regarding their card conversion in the coming months. For now we are only converting our credit cards into EMV chip cards, and will release EMV chip debit cards at a later date.

Members that use either a magnetic strip card or an EMV chip card still benefit from zero liability for fraudulent purchases. If you have further questions regarding this conversion process, please email us at .

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Looking for a Quality Pre-Owned Vehicle? We've Got You Covered
By Raven Routly

Dort Federal Credit Union is offering a unique opportunity for its members. Financing officers will be available at the Milnes Mega Truck & Tire Event to help with buying pre-owned vehicles.

More than 300 cars and trucks, including ½ ton, ¾ ton, and 1 ton vehicles will be available to purchase, starting at $2,995. Finance with Dort Federal Credit Union at the Mega event and you will receive a bonus gift.

 Don’t forget to bring your family, too. While you're looking for your new pre-owned vehicle your family can have some fun. There will be free refreshments, games, giveaways, a bounce house, and a Daisy Shooting Range. 

The event kicks off at the Eastern Michigan Fairgrounds in Imlay City Thursday, September 15th - Saturday, September 17th.  Officers will be available 10:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Thursday and Friday and 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. 


Milnes Truck Event Banner

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Scheduled Recurring Transfers Page is Now Updated for Online Banking
By Raven Routly

The scheduled recurring transfers aspect of online banking has been updated.  Prior to the update with the scheduled recurring transfers, you were required to go to a separate page for transfers and SRTs. You can now make a transfer by hovering over the “move money” icon and clicking “make a transfer” or by clicking on the “make a transfer” button under the “my accounts” widget after logging onto your online banking account.

A screen then pops up that prompts you to enter information for the transfer. If you want to make scheduled recurring transfers you now can check the “repeat” box. After doing so, you will next be asked how often you would like to repeat the transfer. You can adjust the frequency of the transfer, on what date, and the duration of the transfer.

Once you add in the above information you then click on the “save” button. This will then show the transfer in a pop-up screen and you will either choose to click on the “schedule transfer” or “cancel” buttons.  After clicking on the “schedule transfer” button another pop-up screen will appear asking you to confirm the transfer, you must click on “confirm” for the transfer to be processed.

You also have the option to view and edit any existing transfers at any time by hovering over the “move money” icon at the top of the screen and clicking on “view scheduled transfers”. Expired transfers will also be viewable on this same screen.

You  will receive an email once the transfer is processed, and will also receive an email if a problem exists with the transfer. 

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New Features Coming to Mobile Banking Apps
By Raven Routly

Update 9/7/2016 : The updates to the apps are now live.

Upgrades to our mobile banking app, for both Apple and Android users, are near. The newer versions will allow members to more conveniently access account information and are more compatible with upgraded operating systems. Users who have updated to at least iOS 8 and Android system KitKat will be able to take advantage of the updates.

iOS features include:

Split screen multitasking (for the iPad) - Users will now be able to use their banking app while simultaneously using others apps. To use split screen the user can drag the black divider on the side of the screen to reveal compatible split screen apps.

Touch ID enhancement- This is added security for users who may have multiple users on their iPhone. Users will now be prompted to log back in to Touch ID after using their username and password if Touch ID fingerprints are added or subtracted.

3D Touch- 3D features that are available with supported Apple hardware (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) are now conveniently active with the mobile banking app. The 3D Quick Actions include transfers, bill pay, and check deposit. Users can also “peek and pop” on accounts and history of transactions. The user can access these features by pressing down on the Dort Federal Credit Union app, in which a list of navigation options will appear.

Landscape support- The app now supports landscape view. Split screen view on accounts- Users now will be able to view their account information alongside their account history. This feature is available for iPhone 6 and 6S users when in landscape orientation and available in both orientations for iPad users.

Android features includes:

User interface update- The account summary screen uses a card layout and the tablet banking app is now set up the same as the phone app.

Runtime permission request- The user will now be able to grant permission for the Android app to use personal data only when using certain features.

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Apple Pay is Here!
By Craig Kocur

Apple Pay is now available to Dort Federal members. Your Dort Federal Visa Platinum Credit Card and your Dort One Debit Card can now be added to Apple Pay.

If you have a problem adding your card, please contact our Call Center at (810) 767-8390.
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Bill Pay Electronic/Check Indicator
By Craig Kocur

An update to our bill pay service was just released that we think you'll like. An indicator now appears as part of the payee tile that shows if a payment will be sent via check or submitted electronically. Payments that go via check take 5 business days to the company you are paying and payments that go electronically take 3 business days. You used to have to start to schedule a payment to see how it was going so this update should help save time and alleviate confusion.

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Important Downtime Notice
By Craig Kocur


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iPhone and Android Apps Updates - Quick Balance and Popmoney
By Craig Kocur

The next version of our iPhone and Android phone apps is due out any day now. Two big features in the new app are "Quick Balance" and "Popmoney Mobile".

With Quick Balance enabled you can get the balances on all of your accounts without logging into the app. To enable Quick Balance and start using it, login to the app and go to "Settings" and "Quick Balance".

Then when you go to the app all you need to do is swipe down in the middle of the login screen and pull down your balances. The last 5 transactions on all of your accounts is also available on the Quick Balance screen.

Popmoney Mobile is now part of the app too making it easier than ever to send money to a member of your family, friend, or colleague. Popmoney can even connect to your phone's contacts so you can easily setup a new person to send money to.


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